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Course program:

  • understanding your business

  • creating google or microsoft administrative platform (email, cloud, etc.)

  • configuring google phone

  • legal constitution of the company (already included in the DBA opening course)

  • market research (price, product and margin)

  • freight

  • legal, customs and health limitations

  • logo design research

  • website design survey

  • photography

  • image treatment

  • creating your logo

  • creating your website

  • creating promotional emails within the wix platform

  • creating an invoice issuing system through the wix platform

  • creating SEO for google within the wix platform

  • feeding the system with your products

  • facebook page

  • facebook store

  • facebook free advertiser

  • facebook paid advertiser  

  • twitter

  • Instagram

  • google platform (add words and google map)

  • sell through craigs list

  • sell through amazon

  • sell through ebay

  • sale through platforms in Brazil (if compatible with your business)

  • simulating end-to-end buying and selling (order receipt, packaging, delivery, payment)

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Power House Bld.

Charlestown, MA 02129

Phone: 617 733-6786

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